Cape Town Floods – The Day After

So we all know the floods that hit Camps Bay and practically all the Peninsula yesterday and there have been a lot of pics floating about (pardon the pun)

One particularly pertinent pic for me was the one of Drama Street in Somerset West. I was very surprised no-one picked up on that!


Spot the irony, it's all happening in Drama Street!

Well its a common known fact that the next day, a river like the Diep River, whichs feeds Rietvlei and  Milnerton Lagoon swell up as the water from inland filters through to the sea. This morning there was a lot of drama on the already congested roads into the city.

Check it out.

Positively Aquanautic

Positively Aquanautic

Flood Waters reach Bisho Tutus neighbours spot.

Flood Waters reach Bishop Tutus neighbours spot.

Maybe we should make a Canal into the city?

Maybe we should make a Canal into the city?

An island and an Island and an Island...

An island and an Island and an Island...

See this is what happens when you dis mother natures vibe.

She bites you hard in the ass.

Talking of ass did you see this?

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