Swimming For The Rhino’s – Saving Private Rhino

With the Western Black Rhino now confirmed as being extinct and with 2011 being big on Rhino’s and poachers , people seem to be coming together to fight for the Rhino’s. In this past week, social networks have been covered in pictures of Rhino’s who have had their horns cut off,accompanied by campaigns to help stop the killing of these beautiful animals.

This past week Shamwari Game Reserve poachers did this to 'Tanner2'


More rhinos have been killed in South Africa in the past 10 months than were killed in all of 2010. Statistics show that 341 animals have been poached so far in 2011, compared to a record total of 333 last year.

As you might ,or might not, know my day job is Marketing Manager for a Property Company that is based in the Western Cape. I had an email from one of the big boys over at another property company and  I thought I’d let you know what he is up to.

Theodore Yach made his first crossing (swimming) between Robben Island and Blouberg in 1981. On Sunday December 4th 2011 to celebrate the 30th anniversary, Theodore will be tackling his 63rd crossing . In conjunction with Aquila Private Game Reserve’s ‘Saving Private Rhino’ initiative, Theodore will be swimming to save Africa’s rhinos and he needs your help.

‘ Saving Private Rhino’, established after 2 rhino where brutally killed and dehorned at Aquila Private Game Reserve, was set up to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage.

If you would like to go the distance with Theodore and help save Africa’s rhinos, please contact us on media@socialyz.com for your chance to make a donation.

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