Let Your Body Drive

Euro RSG recently made an interactive video with the slogan “Let Your Body Drive” in mind. The concept was developed by the creative team of Romy Lunz (art director), Balekane Mokoditoa (copywriter) and Jeff Harvey (copywriter), led by Deeb. “The idea is about letting your instincts take control and enjoying the world with your senses,” says Deeb. And why did they do this? Why, It was all for the new Peugeot 208.

In its lightest form, at 975kg, the 208 weighs 173kg less than the 207. Peugeot also promises a greatly improved interior, with a focus on simple style and high-quality materials. A small steering wheel, elevated instrument panel and cabin control touch screen are designed to make the car more driver-focused.

Now who would like to take part in the interactive video? It contains scenes of sex, nudity ( who wouldn’t want to watch a naked man run through the street?) and some much needed comedy. Be sure to let your body drive or you might end up with a not so happy ending.

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