Late night Garage run…

It’s way past your bedtime and everyone else’s for that matter and you want something to munch, but you’re not quite sure what. So with a sigh, you pull on a dirty pair of Jeans, and quickly put a bra on, grab your wallet, your flip-flops and with a wild mop of hair on your head you drive to ..dum dum dum….the garage!

Already annoyed that you had to go out at some ungodly hour, you expect to be greeted with a smile. Instead your smile turns upside down when the cashier grunts a hello at you, what can you do besides sigh ?

So to Precious with the not so Precious attitude I would like to say the following;

The fact that you work with the public should indicate that you are a bubbly person with a sparkling personality, but instead all I can really see is a woman who is super pissed off with the world and takes it out on her customers. Also, I saw you picking your nose. This is probably not something you should be doing when you work in a place where food stuffs etc gets handled. If you have a cold or if your nose is itching please go to the bathroom and blow your nose. AND FOR GOD’S SAKE – WASH YOUR HANDS!!

Precious, my sweet, I would suggest a new line of work for you, not just because you have no real ummfff for working with the public but also because you clearly cannot count. When I say 40 Marlboro lights, I don’t mean 40 packets of Marlboro lights.AS in 40 cigarettes!! If I wanted 40 packets I would indicate… So after what seemed forever explaining to you that one packet of cigarettes contain 10 or 20 cigarettes and that 20 + 20 = 40 we finally reached a grand total of R90.00 ..after w e got past the cigarette issue and you managed to ring up the rest of my items!
For whatever reason you hate your job and your life (and you probably hate doing the night shift ) I understand It’s not the best job, but you should embrace it none the less. Make the best of it! You could be cleaning someone else’s toilet for that matter. In fact…you could be a roll of toilet paper. Now that’s a kak job!

I do get to thank you for one thing..While you were taking super long ringing up my items I did manage to get a conversation started with the bloke behind me, you totally helped me get a very nice fireman’s telephone number. Oh no wait..I was just day dreaming away from your attitude…

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