Death By Tray

My bestest best vino buddy and I were sipping some wine, trying very hard to look through the telescope (that doesn’t want to fucking work) and then Mahpicki showed me this really cool video.( Mahpicki is the Mahpukis’ side-kicky )

This is not safe for work, the first word they use is fuck. So please if you are at work put your fucking earphones on. For fuck sake.

This video features the Dark Master, the one and only Lord of  the death star ( which we couldnt find throught the telescope might I add) , the one, the only, Jeff Vader. No I’m kidding. It’s Darth Vader ie. Lord Von Vader-Ham.

Anyway enough  with the bullshit. watch this video NOW, the force is strong with this one.

Don’t you feel better now? Oui? non? P eut-être ?

More about the Mahpukis and Mahpicki the side-kicky soon


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