Messi Wanted For Man Slaughter


It was bound to happen. This kind of poster I mean. My mate Andre the Property Broker, who usually sends me cute shit about kittens and stuff, sent me this… how apt. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone […]

Argentina Took Drugs Before Cup Qualifier

Diego Maradona says Argentina players took banned drugs before a qualifying match for the 1994 World Cup. He accuses FIFA vice president Julio Grondona, the head of Argentina’s Football Association, of being in on the scheme. Maradona says there were no drug controls for the 1993 qualifier against Australia in Buenos Aires. He claims the […]

Mohamed Al Fayed Tells Stupid Fulham Fans To Go To Hell

What to make of it folk? Billionaire businessman and part time conspiracy theorist, Mohamed Al Fayed has told fans of Fulham football club in London that they can “go to hell” after they vented their anger at his recent unveiling of a statue at their ground of the ex King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Al […]

Fulhams Michael Jackson Statue Not A Big Hit

Mohamed Al Fayed, who is chairman of Fulham football club in London, has for some bizarre reason put a statue of Michael Jackson up outside their playing ground. Read the rest of it

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Cheat

Thats right folks. What else would you call such cowardly and blatant cheating as caught this last week on camera? This is the reason I dont bother with soccer / football, a sport I played for 16 years. I hope one day one of the players who these cheats insinuate ‘attacked them’ sues the ‘actor’ […]

2010 Football World Cup Idiots Ready To Descend On SA

Well you’ve probably seen this all before. Everyone keeps talking about the fact we are going to get so many tourists and that it’s going to be great for our economy and all that. What they don’t mention is that some of them will be as thick as two short planks. These questions about South […]

Akon To Star At Soccer World Cup 2010?

I was reading at a site I like to visit [over at

Green Point Stadium Video

I was doing a bit of a recce on the net for some dirt on the Soccer World Cup 2010 and on progress of the new Green Point Stadium. Besides a few concerns about the Cape Town winter rains playing a bit of havoc, all seems well on the project. Thought this was pretty cool, […]

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