SA Lotto Misusing Funds

The Sunday Times has revealed that the Jazz Foundation received R3.7-million from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) to stage the band’s concert at the Coca-Cola Dome on March 27. Jazz Foundation CEO Oupa Salemane is a member of the trust fund, which authorised the grant. And the money was given despite the National […]

South Africa Says No To Shells Fracking Plans – For Now

South Africa’s government has halted plans by the oil firm Shell to extract natural gas from the Karoo desert by using a method known as “fracking”. The process involves pumping pressurised water, sand and chemicals into the ground to extract the gas. The cabinet decided to stop the development until the ecological consequences have been […]

Cape Town Caught In A Time Lapse

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Fears Of Ocean Toxicity Off Cape Town

Hundreds of dead abalone (perlemoen) have washed up on Melkbos beach near Cape Town in recent weeks. This is prompting fears that the ocean in the area between Bloubergstrand and Melkbosstrand is toxic. I have seen this myself when I was at the beach last week. There were many crabs lying dead on the shore. […]

Astronomy Offices In Cape Town

I’ve been reading the papers online today when I came across an article that claims The minister of science and technology has launched the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Global Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) in Cape Town. How chuffed am I right now?! Naledi Pandor, minister of science and technology launched the OAD office […]

Identity Clothing Thinks You Are A Poepol

It’s a fresh day in Cape Town and the mall was not my first choice of places to go. But Murphy had to come pass her law so there I was making my way back to the car when I passed Identity. These guys so badly wants to be rebels, but unfortunately their rebel turned […]

What’s On In Cape Town Over Easter

Easter is upon us and we all know this is going to be a 4 day work week. Yeeehhaaaa! Most people will be going away but for those of you who don’t have any plans yet I suggest you keep reading. Music Pitbull is in the house! Get your apple bottom jeans on ’cause this […]

Italian Ferrero Rocher Tycoon Dies In Cape Town


Italian businessman and confectionary king, Pietro Ferrero has died whilst on a business trip in South Africa. The 47 year old chocolate tycoon is suspected to have had a heart attack whilst cycling between Camps Bay and Llandudno. He was the joint chief executive of the Ferrero Company, which is famous for such brands as […]

Vote For Table Mountain – Consider Yourself Scolded!

With only 206 days left before voting closes for the New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign, Table Mountain is still in the bottom half of the group of finalists. Twenty-eight natural wonders are on the list competing to be named one of the top seven wonders of nature, after 440 submissions were initially received in […]

Fire On The Eastern Boulevard In Cape Town

My mate Andre, who is a property broker, wants us all to know about the fire that is on the Eastern Boulevard in Cape Town. He sent this picture in to us to publish to you all. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I […]

Dragon Power Demonstration at SugarHut Club

My mate Lester over at Dragon power gave me a heads up on this and I think it’s something everyone should check out. Dragon Power Demonstration at SugarHut Club Come witness Dragon Power’s world class demonstrations at the SugarHut Club on the 16th of April 2011 for 19:30pm for 20:00pm. The demonstrations will form part […]

Police Favouring Armed To The Teeth Malema

I was watching the saga of Malema in court for his hate speech trial and it struck me that this man was surrounded by men carrying semi automatic suib machine guns in public. Now I had to go to court recently and EVERYBODY had to go through metal detectors and the like before entering the […]

Gunshots Ring Out On Safe House Set

Residents of gang infested Bonteheuwel were left cowering as gunfire erupted – and continued – for a few hours last night. The terrified folk found themselves sleeping on their floors and under beds in fear of being caught in the crossfire  of what they believed was another turf war between the rival gangs that plague […]

West Coast Boardriders Event Number 1 On The Way

Everyone knows I punt the West Coast lifestyle and I love this part of the world. I also have a few favourite places I go to, such as

Gadaffi Almost Paid For Zumas House Renovation

It is being reported that the South African arms sale to Libya deal netted the SA government about R70 million Rand. That’s almost what they needed to renovate Zumas house (minus the hosipital). Nice one ANC. In other news apparently Zuma has convinced Gadaffi to agree to an

Things To Do In Cape Town On A Weekend

I recently posted an article on things you could do in Cape Town on a Wednesday. I’m thinking it’s Friday today and I’m already wondering what I can do tonight and the rest of the weekend for that matter. Arts and Culture The Baxter theatre will be  presenting Red Riding Hood. It’s the story as […]

Don’t Throw Your Lit Cigarette Out The Window Please!

At Socialyz, we live for social commentary but we also try never to neglect our social duties. We care about you guys. You’re like family. Some people though, are a little less worried about things like their fellow man. We are playing around with the idea of having some sort of weekly reminder that not […]

Julius Malema: Vote ANC to Save Mandela From Dying

This has got to be the biggest joke ever. I mean who do these guys think they are? South Africa must be the laughing stock of the world each and every time this kind of thing is publicised. At a rally in New Brighton, which was fraught with Toyi Toying over ANC election candidates, ANC […]

Do You Have a Unibrow?

Do U now???

Well Do U? U R NOT alone. Wikipedia describes it thus: A unibrow (or monobrow) is a “confluence of eyebrows”; that is, the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows, so that they seem to converge to form one long eyebrow. The condition of having a unibrow is synophrys. George bush had one as a […]

Graeme Smith, Your Baby’s Waiting – Video

Joe Social recently posted a picture of Graeme Smith and Morgan Deane. So I took it upon myself to find out who, what and why. Morgan Deane was born in Cork, Ireland, 1 May 1985. In 2006 she tried to prove that she has The X-factor but failed to make it through to the final […]

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