Massive turnout in South African Election

Latest South African Election Results UPDATED HERE. There are reports of a massive turnout in the South African General Election of 2009. In what News24 calls

Voting in the South African General Election 2009

Latest South African Election Results UPDATED HERE. Well I’ve done my bit today. I woke up late, went to an election station and stood in a massive queue for about 10 minutes before deciding I’d come back later. Last time around I voted towards the end of the day and simply walked in and out. […]

Totally Irresponsible Voters Day Marketing.

I got an sms today. One of those terrible spammy junk ones that arrives from God knows where. “Join us tonight for the VOTERS party at (******) Buy 1 get 1 free till 10pm, no guys U21, no girls U19. Vote with a hangover its FUN.” Um what? I can’t actually believe this message! Firstly […]

South African General Elections 2009 Poll Predictor

In case you were wondering if you have the right party in mind to vote for in tomorrows South African General Election 2009, this new tool from Mail and Guardian, the

South African Internet faces a bright future, at last

I’ve waited a long time to read an article like this: 2oceansvibe encourages us to live the holiday, has taught us ‘slap, snap, fisties’, and how to slice an Avo, and all this in glorious full colour streaming broadband with a smile. This is happening in my city not in some multiplex somewhere in California […]

Losing Respect for Mandela

I sometimes wish I could just say EXACTLY what I think. I believe myself to be reasonably well educated and relatively intelligent, but I also know that one can’t always say exactly what one wants to. This in itself probably tells its own story. I generally stay away from political comment, but I feel I […]

Jake White to coach the Stormers?

IOL sport is reporting that former Springbok Rugby Coach Jake White may be in line to coach the Stormers from next season. That would rock. First move if he took over would to actually get a decent kicker in the team one would hope. Then maybe get some decent props in. I’d first try get […]

Fire at Cape Town Easter Vortex

So I’ve heard there was a serious festival ending fire at the Easter Vortex outdoor Trance party in Cape Town over the weekend. This is a pretty serious thing and it’s a miracle no-one got killed based on the eye witness accounts I’ve read. Various reports reckon up to 7 cars were gutted and 2 […]

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