West Coast Boardriders Event Number 1 On The Way

Everyone knows I punt the West Coast lifestyle and I love this part of the world. I also have a few favourite places I go to, such as

Things To Do In Cape Town On A Weekend

I recently posted an article on things you could do in Cape Town on a Wednesday. I’m thinking it’s Friday today and I’m already wondering what I can do tonight and the rest of the weekend for that matter. Arts and Culture The Baxter theatre will be  presenting Red Riding Hood. It’s the story as […]

Don’t Throw Your Lit Cigarette Out The Window Please!

At Socialyz, we live for social commentary but we also try never to neglect our social duties. We care about you guys. You’re like family. Some people though, are a little less worried about things like their fellow man. We are playing around with the idea of having some sort of weekly reminder that not […]

Do You Have a Unibrow?

Do U now???

Well Do U? U R NOT alone. Wikipedia describes it thus: A unibrow (or monobrow) is a “confluence of eyebrows”; that is, the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows, so that they seem to converge to form one long eyebrow. The condition of having a unibrow is synophrys. George bush had one as a […]

What To Do In Cape Town On A Wednesday

Summer is almost over and winter is upon us. Gone is the party atmosphere and everyone is back to work, you are probably sitting at your desk right now wondering what you could do to save yourself from this big black hole filled with complete boredom. Here is what’s on in Cape Townon a Wednesday, […]

The Night Sky As We Don’t Know It

Pyramids at Giza

I was nagging my better half and he finally gave in and took myself and Mahpicki to the Planetarium in Cape Town. Now, I don’t know about Joe Social but as far as Mahpicki and I are concerned we are pro’s when it comes to star gazing, and when we’ve had a few glasses of […]

New Cape Town Online Radio Station Rocking

So you know we covered the launch of Zone Radio this last week here on Socialyz.com right? Well let me give you a little bit more insight into this station, what it’s all about and what the target market is. Right now If you want to listen to good old rock and roll you have […]

How To Tune Into Zone Radio On Your Phone

Ok so I’ve been writing about

Cape Town Online Radio Station Hits The Airwaves

Today is a great day. No I’m not talking about April Fools day here people. Today my mate Adrian Larger and the team over at Zone Radio have launched Cape Towns newest online radio station. I’ve been listening all morning and its fantastic. Go check it out at

Online Radio About To Get Larger

It’s no secret that anything online is the way to go especially in South Africa where our dinosaur public broadcaster is more concerned with the revolving door it’s board has become than actually making sure that the listeners or viewers get anything decent to listen to or watch. That’s why it’s so refreshing that online […]

The Parlotones Vino In 3D

Last night I stayed up late so I could listen to The parlotones live on air on some American radio station.  As you  probably know they are currently touring America and I am the biggest fan ever!  You’ll remember I did several articles on them and I was also first to buy tickets for their […]

Nice Bakkie Yo!

The weather is slowly getting worse here on the best side of the planet, so we need to find things to amuse ourselves that don’t involve full moon hikes and awesome beach weather days. I was driving along the other day and I came across this little beaut. Not content with being one of the […]

Koeberg Sits Right On A Fault Line

Koeberg Nuclear  Power Station

Yes that’s right folks. After all the mayhem caused by the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, it’s horribly disconcerting to find out that Koeberg Nuclear power station sits just 8 kilometres away from the Milnerton fault line which is off the coast out to sea. Now the Japanes are a very organised bunch, so I […]

The Drop Knee Handshake In Public

It’s no secret I always read here. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property dude. I “entrepreneur” the shit out of things. I run on tequila and good food.More […]

K.O.T.M.R.T On Tsunami Watch

So you probably read about the Knights Of The Missing Round Table and how their second home is at

Knights Of The Missing Round Table

At our

Cape Town Naked Bike Ride – All The Info

The World Naked Bike Ride is a global event, and Cape Town is about to experience its first! Please join us to make a statement… A peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture. A celebration of the bicycle and also a celebration of the power and individuality of the human body. […]

Diemersdal Estate – Feast Of The Grape

Enjoy a relaxed laid back day on the beautiful historic Diemersdal Estate. Bring along your own picnic or order a pre-packed delicious picnic from Diemersdal at R160.00 per couple. * Grape stomping * Wine tasting * Cellar tours and vineyard trails * Live Band: Shananigans * Food stall will sell hotdogs, sushi, ice-cream and lots […]

The Motomad Matador Specials Are Crazy!

Remember I wrote about the Motomad Sundays for bike fans down at Matador Sports Cafe? Well the guys have just told us about the specials they have on and its quite insane, taking you right back to the eighties with these prices! You can enjoy half price pizzas and the drinks special is double brandy […]

That Great Big Fire In The Sky

Sunset Over The Atlantic

If you live in Cape Town you would believe me if I tell you it’s been so flippen hot here that it’s almost impossible to do anything during the day. Yes folks, we sit at work in out hot pants and we melt in front of our laptop’s… not cool! I fancy myself a bit […]

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