New Mayan Calendar Found – World Will Not End in 2012


An even earlier version of the Mayan calander has been found, and guess what? The world is not going to end this year. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, this find means the following: Contrary to popular myth, the Mayan calendar does not foretell doom in 2012. The new discovery of elaborate paintings […]

Another Politician Squanders Our Money

The Department of Correctional Services has bought its Director General a luxury car although there are no such policy provisions for his post. Correctional Services Commissioner Thomas Moyane, the highest paid DG in the government, was not only employed at an exorbitant salary, but was also given a bodyguard, a brand new BMW as his […]

Schabir Shaik In Mosque Assault

Supposedly deathly ill, Schabir Shaik is well enough to beat people up. This weekend he was involved in a case of ‘parking rage’ at a local mosque. “That was no sick man who hit me. He was very much alive and forceful,” said the victim. You can read more

Its Official – Power Balance Bracelets Dont Work

Exhibit A

I have to admit, when I saw the Power Balance bracelet for the first time, I thought to myself … “What a load of kak!” Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of physics would know that a piece of silicon imbedded with a hologram wouldn’t have any effect on a larger body.. being err.. the human […]

Mugabes Men Fooled In Diesel From Rock Scam

This is just patently ridiculous! Oh my goodness!!! Only in Africa!!

It’s the Jackson Tree

Well Jacko has finally been publically ‘laid to rest’, although peeps aren’t exactly sure if this has happened or where it will happen. I thought I would give you a brief update on the various events still unfolding (bar the obvious cause of death scenario still to play out) Hot on the heels of my […]

Shock Horror: South Africans Idols Is A Set Up

So is South African Idols a total scam? I read a very interesting letter recently on

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