Aussie Slapper Rips It On Youtube

‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh’ So we have a new INTERNET sensation, Clare Werbeloff, famed for her eyewitness account of a Kings Cross shooting in Austrailia. Faced with the massive fall out of her racist account, she has ‘admitted’ she fabricated the story. Yes love sure you did. If you havent […]

The ANC Youth Leagues Massively Informatic HIV/AIDS Page

I thought this was rather amusing, in light of the recent Floyd Shivambu brain meltdown on Redi Direkos 702 radio show, where he insisted that sleeping around is sleeping around, about 20 times. Check it out here. As you’re most probably aware all of this was over recent comments Helen Zille made regarding Jacob Zuma, […]

ANC Youth League Bashing Continues With A Smile

Thank you ANC Youth League. So here I was sitting thinking my good God this day is going to get out of control, what with my escapades Doodleside (that’s Tuesday night happy hour at, one of my favourite Cape Town websites, to find THIS… Oh my word I have a stitch. So they quite […]

No Space For Africa In KFC World Vision

Fillet Rounder with hash brown, Sans Tomato

As a friend of mine says, EVERYONE hates a bad burger. You need to listen to her, she is a chef. Wise words those. Well I recently went down to the new KFC at Eden on the Bay in Big Bay, just a stones throw away from where I live. I was excited as I […]

Apple iStore Causes A Ruckus

So right now there is a major ruckus going on over on

This Is How You Spell Dane Cook

I was watching Dane Cook: Vicious Circle the other night on TV, and couldn’t belive the kakness of the spelling here… C’mon DSTV it’s the dudes NAME!!! Twice!! They can spell ‘comedic’ pretty nicely though. He was soooo funny man. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t […]

Unknown Spaniard Loaded

Hectic how’s this? I guess you gotta be in it to win it. Now the problem is I personally KNOW someone who won the South African Lottery a few years back, so the law of averages (damn you LOA damn you!!!!!!) means there is slim to fuckall chance of me ever winning any kind of […]

ANC Spokesman Makes No Sense At All

[ad#468×60] I listened to some ANC spokesperson dude chatting to a Times reporter about the Zuma Shower Gel Advert.You can listen to it below. I wrote an article about this before which you can read here. I had to listen to this TWICE just to make sure I heard it properly.  It seems to me […]

I Went to Mexico and all I Got Was this Lousy Swine Flu

The world is going mal over this swine flu thing. It’s a bit of a major over reaction in my mind. I mean everyone is going nuts about face masks and shit, while MILLIONS of people have AIDS and people still don’t wear condoms. It just doesn’t make any sense. I was reading a few […]

Shock Horror: South Africans Idols Is A Set Up

So is South African Idols a total scam? I read a very interesting letter recently on

Zuma Shower Gel Causes a Stink

I tentatively carried the link to the Zuma shower gel advert here, half expecting some sort of backlash from the media at some point. I didn’t expect it less than 24 hours after I posted my first blog referencing it. “We can’t wait. Bring it on. Laugh It Off loves a good legal battle” Justin […]

SA Idols Winner a Cape Town Beauty

Weskus Lekker so

Well I was reading a few posts on the net about the Latest South African Idols winner, Sasha-Lee Davids, when I came across

Another Scammer Scambusted – Quality Drops

Well fuck me they’ve done it again. Whoever is responsible for these lame ‘Love’ Spam emails from abroad have got another one into my inbox. Here it is… she ain’t quite a Scarlett Johansson look alike this time. Hello my the surprised friend! You can say that again, I’m fucken shocked! My name Lyudmila and […]

Jesse Duarte Rant, misses the point completely.

[ad#468×60] The latest Internet based ANC media ‘episode’ involves ANC spokeswoman Jesse Duarte. She recently missed the point, lost the plot and showed herself to be oversensitive to a question regarding whether Jacob Zuma read responses to his blog. She turned this rather innocent question on it’s head, bemoaning the fact that people though JZ […]

Scarlett Johansson look-alike propositions totally innocent dude unexpectedly

foxy little scammer biatch

I get a lot of junk mail. Most of it is from complete strangers offering me help with my sex life and showing a disturbing amount of concern about the size of my dick, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Does ANYONE actually buy from these guys? What on earth is going on in […]

Mark Cueto foot in touch disease revisited

I love rugby. It kicks ass. I love it even more when we win. I support the Springboks. I love it when we have big tours like in the Good Old Days. There nothing that excites the fuck outa me more than a chance to give the British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa […]

Dutch court bans ‘shrooms, everyone pretty hacked off.


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