The ANC Youth League demands FREE PASS for high school Learners

Can't get the basics right Angie? Minister of Basic Education: Angie Motshekga

This just in. You know there are problems aplenty in Limpopo what with learners at schools still sitting without textbooks right? ( and it’s JUNE already) Now without going into WHY they don’t have textbooks and not to mention the warehouse full of unused textbooks recently unearthed by the DA, the fact of the matter […]

SABC in Pathetic Springbok Mess Up


These guys want us to continually pay for a service that is getting worse by the minute? The SABC did not broadcast the first Test between the Springboks and England in Durban on Saturday after negotiations broke down with SuperSport. Instead of showing a delayed broadcast of the game at 18:30 on SABC2, as advertised, […]

Zuma’s Spear – “Get Over It” says Tselane Tambo

The Spear is part of Brett Murray's Hail to the Thief II exhibition at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg

Recently we all saw the magnificent the painting of President Jacob Zuma where his genitals were exposed. It’s safe to say the President isn’t happy. The SA Students’ Congress (Sasco) said on Monday that the painting is an attack on the African Culture. “This arrogance is ideological and an attack to the very value and […]

Jammie Strike At UCT

On this morning of the 25th April the shuttle service for UCT went on strike If you are at UCT you might have realised that no one has come to pick you up to attend your classes. Guess it’s time for all the lazy students to get walking and get some blood flowing into your […]

South African Citizens Strike Back

The ANC marked their 100 year centenary by throwing an elaborate and expensive celebration in Bloemfontein. The President gave a speech and this speech, unfortunately, stood for everything that is wrong with our country today. The President’s speech starts out by relaying History,  how it happened , according to HIM. This is our response to […]

Lady Gaga Is Breast Dressed At CFDA Awards


I’ll admit I know next to nothing about fashion and I can’t really stand Lady Gaga, so when I see that she got the prestigious Fashion Icon award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, I must say that my immediate reaction was WHAT? Then I saw what she wore. Some of you […]

The Juju Saga

We are not inheritary racists, we have friends from all different races but in South Africa its extremey difficult to not think about race when the people in charge are constantly talking about race, constantly bringing up racism and constantly pointing fingers at people based on race all the while ignoring the fact that their […]

We All Believe In The Easter Bunny – When We Are Young And Naive

I wrote an article on the King of Swaziland which featured a cartoon from On Socialyz we post about most things including political struggles. The Elections are coming up in May and Richard Hainebach over at Zapiro’s sent me a few cartoons which I thought I’d post.     This cartoon features ANC leader […]

Lady Gaga Fan Kills Cat In Bizarre Tribute

I can’t speak for other people but I personally think ‘Lady’ Gaga represents a lot that is wrong with our world. Now I hear that a sick in the head Lady Gaga fan has been charged with animal cruelty after she killed her cat and used its blood to make an outfit to wear to […]

Forced Group Chats On Facebook

Have you ever been forced into a ‘group chat’ on Facebook? I have and it’s quite something. It goes something like this. A mate of yours is excited about something and can win a prize IF she tells all her friends about it. We have all heard this before right? So she goes ahead and […]

Don’t Throw Your Lit Cigarette Out The Window Please!

At Socialyz, we live for social commentary but we also try never to neglect our social duties. We care about you guys. You’re like family. Some people though, are a little less worried about things like their fellow man. We are playing around with the idea of having some sort of weekly reminder that not […]

Zuma Spends R200 million To Renovate House

Ok this is just ludicrous!! Our President is spending R200 million to renovate his house. The

Stop Fracking With Our Heads

You know this really annoys me. You know I wrote about the Fracking Karoo thing the other day right? Well I have been following this for a number of reasons, firstly because I give a shit about our Earth, and anything that injects chemicals and god knows how many millions of litres of fresh water […]

Stop Fracking In The Karoo

Some of you might know that I’m involved in a business that promotes

SA’s Got Talent Judges Not Too Talented

You’ll remember that I wrote about who I think should judge South Africa’s got talent here. And a little more here. Well much to my dismay I’ve just read that the self proclaimed music maestro of South Africa, Randall Abrahams is going to be a judge on the new show. How sad is that?! I […]

Cover Your Arse In Cannes

In a weird twist, peoples now have to cover their arse in Cannes. Thats a damn shame. iafrica

Cat Fight Gets Nasty In Big Bay

I live in a really cool complex in Big Bay Cape Town. Its right off Blouberg Beach and I get some stunning views of the sea and Table Mountain and Robben Island and of course every single Cape Town Sunset. One of the things I really enjoy about the place I live is how that […]

KFC Choose SPACE Over Africa

Where the fuck is Africa?

Thank fuck I live in Africa, a place KFC knows nothing about. Out here on the frontier we can say what we feel, and I feel that it’s bullshit that that we have to be subjected to the claims they spout out of their arse about their logo that is visible from space being the […]

KFC Does NOT condone Cholera Spreading Practices

You’re probably aware of my thoughts on KFC. You’ll know by now that I find it mind blowing that KFC don’t cater for Africa on their International website. I wrote all about it [here and here] and I still think it’s ridiculous. According to KFC, this is what the world looks like… Weeks later and […]

Getting Shafted By The Weather

I know we have to have winter but this is just sooo not cool. I hate the fact that I have to work and try keep warm and dry at the same time. I’m pretty fortunate that I don’t feel the cold that much, but I have a leaking balcony sliding door that’s causing me […]

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