Youtube Symphony orchestra mashup

This is a pretty cool idea. I’ve seen mash ups of this kinda shit before but never hooded as a ‘symphony orchestra’. I just had a thought, and it’s an original one. I reckon it’s not going to be long before we see actual pop stars or even groups put together this way. Watch this […]

Djokovic unusual Head commercial

Ok some people might find this funny, I’d prefer to say its well made. I can understand some of the humour in it, but c’mon its a LITTLE far fetched. Great CGI though. Coulda made it a better looking chick though, she looks kinda mousey. [ad#468×60] Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot […]

Dutch court bans ‘shrooms, everyone pretty hacked off.


Flutter – faster and shorter than twitter

I love reading

Fire at Cape Town Easter Vortex

So I’ve heard there was a serious festival ending fire at the Easter Vortex outdoor Trance party in Cape Town over the weekend. This is a pretty serious thing and it’s a miracle no-one got killed based on the eye witness accounts I’ve read. Various reports reckon up to 7 cars were gutted and 2 […]

Fuck you at the coke fest, South Africa Style

coke zero fest

Well someone had to have the balls to do it. There was so much banter going around pre coke zero fest cape town about bands pulling out last minute AFTER peeps had bought tickets, that someone had to have the balls to tell the fuckers off. Well done Cassette. Shameless punt but fucking cool one. […]

Charlize Theron controversial advert

So here is the new controversial advert done by Charlize Theron, to raise awareness for the Real Men Dont Rape Campaign. I can see why its considered controversial, as it seems at first listen to lump all us ‘men of South Africa’ together into a category we would clearly never want to be in. I […]

How hectic is this shit?

I saw this movie a while back but its resurfaced on a favourite blog of mine. I cant believe how small it makes me feel, even though its not about ‘size’. Its the sheer numbers which freak me out. It bodes well for my preferred method of communication and revenue generation. Check this out… Hardcore […]

The (Techno) Sound of Music

I found this clip of a flash mob doing their ‘thang’ (someone organising this shit either was on or had been on, drugs. The mind altering kind) at the antwerp station. I love the choice of music, talk about appealing to a wide audience. Also I love how ‘the authorities’ AKA the loudspeaker dude must […]

Super cool danish advert

This is a bit of a strange advert about something random in Danish, but how cool is the guy with his posse in the beginning? REspect! The old age dudes at the ‘Lifestyle Resort’ must think its christmas come early. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t […]

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