The Beastie Boys Are BACK And They Are Looking GOOD!

The Beastie Boys’ new album “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2” is about to be released and it is being ushered in by their star-packed short film “Fight For Your Right Revisited” which premiered at last month’s Sundance Film Festival. The film has a huge cast of famous people, expect to see the likes of… Seth […]

Who Says White Men Can’t Jump?

Victor Matfield, One Jumping Mofo

I’m sure everyone has heard the addage ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. This obviously comes from the movie of the same name, with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, from way back in 1992. Well after this weekends Springboks v All Blacks Game in Bloem to open the Tri Nations for SA, I have to beg to […]

Twitter Wasn’t First

Seriously it wasn’t first, the Notificator was. It’s sad when an idea is so way before its time it doesn’t work. If it had worked, we would have heard about it before. Awesome. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its […]

Snoop Didn’t Do It

So Snoop Dogg has been cleared of klapping some dude at one of his shows. That’s a bit hardcore. The jury reckons he didn’t hit some dude who invaded his stage waaaay back in 2005. An Excerpt: Santa Monica – A civil jury says Snoop Dogg didn’t hit a man who came up on stage […]

The (Techno) Sound of Music

I found this clip of a flash mob doing their ‘thang’ (someone organising this shit either was on or had been on, drugs. The mind altering kind) at the antwerp station. I love the choice of music, talk about appealing to a wide audience. Also I love how ‘the authorities’ AKA the loudspeaker dude must […]

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