Eminem Jack

I’m sure you’ve noticed we write about Jack Parow quite a bit. To me, he is a bit over the top and I can’t help cringing when we’re out somewhere and EVERYONE sings along to his songs and they know all the words and they think they are just as kief as he is. This […]

Uncle Frank Is In The House

Myself, Joe social and our faithful sidekick Mahpicki were at our

New Cape Town Online Radio Station Rocking

So you know we covered the launch of Zone Radio this last week here on Socialyz.com right? Well let me give you a little bit more insight into this station, what it’s all about and what the target market is. Right now If you want to listen to good old rock and roll you have […]

Foo Fighters New Album Now Live On The Net

Now this is what makes music special. Foo Fighters have gone one better than the usual teaser soundclip, by streaming their entire new album Wasting Light on the internet a full week before it’s official release date. Dave Grohl and the boys have headed back to the basics on a number of tracks here, delivering […]

Jack Parow Has a New Song Out

Jack Parow has just launched the first part of a three part song (apparently) and Its called Byellville. I guess you’re supposed to say that with the accent and all of that. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone […]

How To Tune Into Zone Radio On Your Phone

Ok so I’ve been writing about

Cape Town Online Radio Station Hits The Airwaves

Today is a great day. No I’m not talking about April Fools day here people. Today my mate Adrian Larger and the team over at Zone Radio have launched Cape Towns newest online radio station. I’ve been listening all morning and its fantastic. Go check it out at

Online Radio About To Get Larger

It’s no secret that anything online is the way to go especially in South Africa where our dinosaur public broadcaster is more concerned with the revolving door it’s board has become than actually making sure that the listeners or viewers get anything decent to listen to or watch. That’s why it’s so refreshing that online […]

KKNK – Die Kunste Kom Saam

If you’re South African, you know about this. If you’re Afrikaans, you’ve been there at least twice. It’s that time of the year again! So get ready for another amazing week of the arts in Oudshoorn. From the 2nd to the 9th April all the party animals will come out of the woodwork. I’m pretty […]

Laugh Out Loud with Robbie And Mark

If you don’ t know who Robbie Wessels is or if you don’t know about the Leeuloop then I have no bloody idea where you have been the last century. Robbie does everything from totally common music to stuff that will literally make you wipe away tears! I always seem to come across this clip […]

The Parlotones vs Koos Kombuis

I wrote an article on Afrikaans music and I thought I’d add to it. If you don’t know it by now… I’m big on music. Very big! Yo mamma big! Now my favourite band, The Parlotones, did one of my favourite Afrikaans artists’ songs (Lisa se Klavier by Koos Kombuis)  and when I first heard […]

If Afrikaans Could Only Dance

When people think of Afrikaans music they generally start frowning and slagging the music, because let’s face it, when I say Afrikaans music the first thing you thought about was music back in the day when it was all big Afrikaans words and basically sounded like something out of a bad drama or porn movie. […]

‘Till The World Ends

She went from wanting us to hit her one more time, to doing it again,  to giving her more, and now she wants us to get her on the floor so we can dance ‘Till the world ends. Britney is not my favourite person, but  her last couple of albums have  got some catchy tunes […]

Mindless Drivel Is The New Music

In a move that’s sure to make Americans even more loved and respected world wide, there is a worrying new trend for ‘stars’ and ‘new hit songs’ to come from what is clearly bored teenagers living life in a bubble and then loading footage of it up to Youtube. Remember Rebecca Black? Me neither. Anyway […]

Die Antwoords Video Best On The Internet

The Guggenheim Foundation, the high temple of contemporary art, has chosen Die Antwoords Zef Side video as one of the 25 best internet videos of the past two years. Not bad for a bunch of back street poor white trash peeps saying fuck every second word.  Make sure to pay special attention to 1:15 in […]

The Parlotones Vino In 3D

Last night I stayed up late so I could listen to The parlotones live on air on some American radio station.  As you  probably know they are currently touring America and I am the biggest fan ever!  You’ll remember I did several articles on them and I was also first to buy tickets for their […]

Bob Dylan Sings The Worst Pop Song Ever

Well this is a kicker! Remember I posted about the worst pop song ever, Friday, by Rebecca Black? Well as it turns out, it’s not a new song at all, rather it’s a cover of a song sung by the legendary Bob Dylan! Just shows you how public perception can change the view on something. […]

Jason Derulo Knows What Women Want

He’s got the moves, he’s got the looks and he certainly is very sauve.  Every girls dreams seems to be the lyrics of all his songs. I’m not sure who writes his songs, possibly could be a sister or a something but all I know is, If any man wanted me the way he wants […]

This Is The Worst Pop Song Of All Time

This is it folks, the worst  pop song of all time. Not only is it a steaming heap of shit in the lyrics department, it showcases the utterly inane existence of one whose largest dilemma seems to be which seat to take in the car on the way to school. Lyrics like these make the […]

James Blunt To Play At Royal Wedding

James Blunt has confirmed he will be playing the organ at the Royal Wedding. “I’m actually playing. I’m not singing, I’m playing the church organ there,” Blunt told Italian news channel SkyTG24 during a concert tour stop in Italy following the release of his third album Some Kind of Trouble. Nice one! This wedding is […]

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