Captain Jack Is Back On Stranger Tides

We love him and we hate him, but mostly we  love him. Yes folks, Jack is back…again! The folks involved in Pirates of The Carribean are bringing us a fourth installment. This time ’round Jack  is searching for the fountain of youth. There are some old faces and some new (see Penelope Cruz and Black […]

The Sky Is The Limit

Meet Eddie Morra ( Bradley Cooper) , a writer who is basically heading downhill fast untill he gets a second chance. As humans we only acces a small percentage of the information in our brain right? Well it’s Eddie’s lucky day, thanks to the miracle of pharmaceuticals he gets the chance to access ALL of […]

Watch Die Antwoords Short Film: Umshini Wam – VIDEO

Die Antwoord have released a short film called UMSHIMI WAM (yes, inspired by THAT oke). The film is about two dirt poor peeps in wheelchairs fixated on upgrading them to later, sleeker models. Umshini Wam (Bring Me My Machine Gun), a short film directed by Kids writer, Harmony Korine, and starring Die Antwoord’s Ninja and […]

Battle Los Angeles – Cellphone Interruptus

You’ll remember Joe Social writing an article on Battle Los Angeles recently so last night  he took me to go see the movie. Not a  romantic movie but It was a good movie, slight let down,  but good nonetheless.  It pretty much kicked ass; big ass alien ass! The vibe was good, the acting was […]

Battle Los Angeles Is Gonna Kick Ass

Holy Shit! If you aren’t psyched yet about the forthcoming Battle Los Angeles movie then maybe this will help you along a wee bit. Basically Earth is getting carrots from some bad ass alien race and it’s up to one man to save the whole world. Sound familiar? Well that doesn’t matter if this theme […]

All The Oscar Winners

Winners in BOLD Actor in a Leading Role * Javier Bardem in “Biutiful” * Jeff Bridges in “True Grit” * Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network” * Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” * James Franco in “127 Hours” Actor in a Supporting Role * Christian Bale in “The Fighter” * John Hawkes in “Winter’s […]

The Hangover 2 – The Trailer

Everybody on Planet Earth liked the hangover. Robert Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times said “Now this is what I’m talking about”. Glamour said it was an “Insta Classic”. Well The hangover 2 is almost here and they have just released the first ‘teaser trailer’. That’s a trailer for the trailer apparently. All I know is, […]

Snatch Wars (Snatch Vs Star Wars)

Last month I ran a post about movies revisited, where someone’s take on Star Wars was recorded and put to a video. Sounded like a really cute young lady [check it out here] Anyway this week I came across a mash up of Star Wars vs Snatch. It works REALLY well, check it out! Joe […]

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