Man Sues BMW For 2 Year Erection – Video

A San Francisco man is suing vehicle manufacturer BMW, alleging that one of the company’s motorbikes left him with a two year erection. Reports surfaced on Monday that Henry Wolf has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was “stricken with a severe case priapism – a persistent, long-lasting erection – after going for two back-to-back […]

Socialyz Sauce of the Month – May 2011

These are the big stories we brought to you in May 2011. The Socialyz Sauce of the Month shows the stories you the reader liked the most in terms of the most reads and most amount of traffic. This month the Socialyz Sauce of the month is brought to you by Sokolic Solar Systems. With […]

Prince Harry Gets Cosy With Charlize Theron

It seems South African ladies are all the rage with the royals. We all know Harry used to date Chelsy Davy. Although she isn’t South African, she is Zimbabwean, a small colony off the north border of South Africa, she did attend South African Universities. Then there was the news that Charlene Wittstock is going […]

Socialyz Sauce of The Month – April 2011

So what stories have made the headlines here on these last thirty days? Remember we did a Sauce of the month post last month about the top stories in the preceeding thirty days? This month we bring you the stories you read the most, the stories our readers were most interested in. This […]

Socialyz Sauce Of The Month

We have decided to bring you the sauce of the month each month. This is made up of all the top stories as read by you the reader. It’s a recap of the stories making headlines each month, as well as the crap we can come up with that you guys enjoyed. This month […]

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