Muammar Gaddafi Wanted To Be King Of Africa

Three weeks before the bloody uprising began in Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi asked Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini to sign documents in support of his campaign to be the king of Africa. Seems he should have asked his poeple what they thought about that! Details of the trip, which have been closely guarded by the […]

Charlie Sheen – The Interview

With all the furore going on right now about Charlie Sheen and his escapades, the star has recently umm starred in a Interview which could or could not be the greatest interview ever (involving Charlie Sheen) Charlie looks a little worse for wear considering his latest antics, but he still kills it in this interview! […]

That Great Big Fire In The Sky

Sunset Over The Atlantic

If you live in Cape Town you would believe me if I tell you it’s been so flippen hot here that it’s almost impossible to do anything during the day. Yes folks, we sit at work in out hot pants and we melt in front of our laptop’s… not cool! I fancy myself a bit […]

We Owe You One

Joe Social and the TwinMassProducer were arsing about in the kitchen, Joe Social was trying to demonstrate how you can get someone back if you owe them one. Definitely try this at home or at your place of work! Next time you’re out with friends, family, at your place of work or at the

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do In Public…

…Rubbing your finger in a very strange manner! So, last night my man and I went down to our local. We are regulars at

Zuma claims Jesus and Heaven for the ANC

In what can only be descibed as preaching to the utterly brainwashed, President Zuma has again brought the religion card to the election table. Last time he said the ANC would rule until Jesus returned, this time its a lot more farcical. Anyone who is swayed by such drivel, or who would vote for a […]

Kim Kardashian To Bone Her Man – In South Africa

Orange you forgetting your passport?

I cant’ decide whether I like Kim Kardashian, or whether I think she is a total idiot. In general I lean towards the idiot description. I can say, however, that I probably wouldn’t kick her out of my bed on a cold Cape Town winters morning. Unfortunately for South Africa she has decided to disgrace […]

JZ Holding the Fort Until the Second Coming of JC

Well now I think I’ve heard it all! The entire planet can breathe a sigh of collective relief now that we know that none other than Jacob Zuma, the South African president is keeping chips until Jesus’ second coming. Well thank God for that hey! Capable and hands springs to mind. I understand that a […]

Mandela Wired At The Waterfront Is The Dream

The other day my mate Tamryn and I were sitting having

Susan Boyle Singing Aged 25

I found this and I thought I’d share it. Real rocking party this one, haha. It’s apparently at a family gathering sometime in the 80s. Nice to see she upped her game on Britians Got Talent but then she has had 22 years of practise. Nice one Susie. You can see some shameless Susan Boyle […]

Dr Phils mothers dog

Phils mothers dog went MAL

My mate Phil, who you can read about here, keeps banging on about his mothers dog which goes mad when he sprays water at it. Well Philly, this one’s for you! Remember I told you about how we use his super ninja Psychology skills to meet new girls? Well The Thrill has had a rough […]

Susan Boyle makes a move on Piers Morgan

In a shameless publicity stunt Piers Morgan has offered to kiss Susan Boyle. If you’ve been under a rock, Susan Boyle is the latest Internet superstar. This is her. She sings like an absolute gem. I posted a video of her singing here, along with Amanda Holden, the woman of joy. So Piers wants to […]

Scarlett Johansson look-alike propositions totally innocent dude unexpectedly

foxy little scammer biatch

I get a lot of junk mail. Most of it is from complete strangers offering me help with my sex life and showing a disturbing amount of concern about the size of my dick, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Does ANYONE actually buy from these guys? What on earth is going on in […]

Fuck you at the coke fest, South Africa Style

coke zero fest

Well someone had to have the balls to do it. There was so much banter going around pre coke zero fest cape town about bands pulling out last minute AFTER peeps had bought tickets, that someone had to have the balls to tell the fuckers off. Well done Cassette. Shameless punt but fucking cool one. […]


Word of the day two, you get two today, lucky fuckers. “Asstopher” This is what you surreptitiously call a total knobhead you’ve just met. Example (mumbled): Sorry what did you say your name was, Asstopher? Example two (said to your mate): I met a total titbag called Asstopher earlier. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I […]

Dr Phil

I have this mate of mine Phil. You can read more about him here. He is an ex psychologist, the chicks love it. We used to wing man the fuck outta the concept at local bars, I’d play the good guy friend and Phil would be the ex psychologist who didnt want to talk about […]


Todays word is “Titbag” A Titbag is someone completely worthless… like why would tits be in a bag? Example: That oke is a total titbag. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, […]

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