Are OLX Buying Gumtree?

olx gumtree

I did a post earlier today about OLX versus Gumtree Advertising and i thought it was rather sneaky. I posted it here. After doing a bit more research I found this URL Is this a case of trading off the brand of another or is it way more innocent? Are OLX buying Gumtree? If […]

OLX using sneaky tactics to compete with Gumtree

OLX versus Gumtree

I don’t know if this is illegal, or even if it should be, but I thought this was rather sneaky. I was being my usual self using Google to do everything for me whilst I lead a general point and click existence, and rather than type in the full url of Gumtree,  I Googled it. […]

Socialyz is moving and we are sad about it


Ja we are moving people, away from our Sea facing apartment and into suburbia. It’s not all doom and gloom though as the new place is twice the size and it has a fireplace in the office… yes please! As a little hat tip to the place we are leaving, I popped outside yesterday evening […]

Do you want to Socialyz your brand?


Want to Socialyz your brand? If you are a brand manager or marketing executive wanting to enquire about marketing your product or brand through please email If you are a retailer wanting to promote your outlet or product please email Want to become a Contributor? Are you a media specialist, brand manager […]

Our Cat Marmite – The Space Cat


You all probably know by now that we have a Cat Mascot. His name is Marmite. Marmite loves sitting in front of our HDTV watching things go down. He is especially fond of watching sport (he is the only one in the place that watches golf – he loves that golf ball) and his new […]

Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Robert Mugabe


Sacha Baron Cohen has some serious balls! In honour of his upcoming movie The Dictator, he arranged a premiere of his movie at Robert Mugabes place. Check it out! The thing is, that it’s not actually happening and it’s just a stunt to promote the movie, or piss Bob off, or both! Thanks

Darren Scott Back And He Has Ballz

Darren Scott is back behind the mic with Ballz

I found this on Ballz and he is hoping it will shake up the broadcasting landscape in SA. Ballz follows in the path of other online radio ventures like Cape Town’s 2OceansVibe and is apparently already garnering a loyal listenership since launching three weeks ago. Scott fell from grace last September after directing racial slurs […]

Marmite – the Mascot

Destroyer Of All Things Fragile And Expensive

“The term mascot – defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck” And we finally have one here on Socialyz. We’d like the world to meet Marmite. He likes cuddling, meowing and generally destroying anything in his path. We sometimes call him Marco or Mango if he makes us […]

Getting Even Further Into The Zone With Zone Radio

You might recall that a while ago we told you all about

Graeme Smith Is A Machine In The Sack

    This just in from 2Oceansvibe, the new SABC, my favourite website. I wrote quite a bit about Graeme Smith and his ability to score off the field. Well a a sharp-eyed 2oceansviber sent in a screenshot of a tweet posted by Graeme Smith’s irish fiance, Morgan Deane, which celebrates his prowess in bed. […]

Friday The 13th Has Socialyz Worried

TheFrenchConnection hates most Fridays

Do you suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia? Or fear of Friday the 13th as it’s more commonly known. I’m starting to think Joe Social and Asstastic do. Maybe it’s because today is Friday the 13th? Or perhaps it’s because TheFrenchConnection’s alias is Jason? And he had his 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. And he owns a […]

Socialyz Cracks Top 30 Blogs In South Africa –

I wrote about this about 3 weeks ago. Last time we checked, Socialyz was voted the 36th best South African blog according to, the South African Blog Aggregator. Well not even a month later and we have cracked the top 30. Good going there I must admit. It has to be the type of […]

Socialyz Screaming Up The myScoop Top Blogs Ranks is now ranked as the 36th best blog site in south Africa, as voted for by the authority on South African Blogs, and aggregator

SA Bergie Pulling a Fast One

My mate Paul sent me a picture taken in Durban at a Traffic light of a Beggar with rudimentary knowledge of world events trying to work it in his favour. Kudos to this guy (theres that word Kudos again!) for knowing enough about world events to try pull a fast one and pull the pity […]

Miley Cyrus Sex Doll Outrage

That's not creepy at all

Miley Cyrus is outraged at the fact that a sex doll is being sold that looks like her. It’s even named the Miley Doll. Apparently these things have been flying off the shelf. I have to say it’s pretty creepy to say the least! Now I’m not a big Miley Cyrus fan at all, but […]

Uncle Frank Is In The House

Myself, Joe social and our faithful sidekick Mahpicki were at our

Online Radio About To Get Larger

It’s no secret that anything online is the way to go especially in South Africa where our dinosaur public broadcaster is more concerned with the revolving door it’s board has become than actually making sure that the listeners or viewers get anything decent to listen to or watch. That’s why it’s so refreshing that online […]

Mahpicki The Side-Kicky

You are wondering who this person is that I keep referring to in my articles here and here. Allow moi to explain… The love of my life and I have a pet name for each other. You all know Winnie the Pooh right? So in the story, piglet calls Winnie the Poo, Pookie. We took […]

The Drop Knee Handshake In Public

It’s no secret I always read here. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property dude. I “entrepreneur” the shit out of things. I run on tequila and good food.More […]

Malema Responsible For Mortifying ANC Album?

Apparently Julius Malema is responsible for what has been described as a mortifying election album released by the ANC. We aren’t being told exactly what Julius role is in this latest debacle, but Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula and party spokes­person Jackson Mthembu are listed as ­executive producers. Aah the usual suspects. […]

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