Awesome Pics of the Clifton Stranded Boat


This weekend Cape Town was abuzz with the excitement of having a boat run ashore in Clifton. These photos were taken by

Clifton Shipwreck Advert on Gumtree


My mate Craig sent me this. Spotted on Gumtree. Set sail for warmer seas with this prime luxury construction a stones throw from Clifton 1st Beach. Enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic vista on its 50sqm deck which provides an entertainment area of international standards. You will be the envy of the neighborhood with the […]

Muslim Parrot Sold For Tik Money


Allie the African Grey parrot’s owner believes the clever bird was sold for tik by his friend. Scott Crighton, 45, says when he and his family lost their home, he entrusted his polly to his former friend. The Mitchell’s Plain father says Allie was the only pet his two sons had and he asked his […]

Awesome People Are Awesome

Awesome People

You might have seen our friday fail clips but for a change im going to post some successful stunts, no fails will be seen in this clip only epic WINS! Enjoy. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. […]

Who’s Got A Crush On Nina Dobrev, I Do!


You know that chick from The Vampire Diaries? The one who has the Salvatore brothers salivating at every opportunity? That’s Nina Dobrev. Nina Dobrev gets all footsy with Conan while demonstrating her yoga and like totally rubs her foot on his crotch area, lucky bastard! Check it out. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You […]

Friday Fail, The Best Day Of The Week


Has this long week made you feel down? Well turn that frown upside down people and watch this collection of epic fails. Enjoy! There’s nothing like some pure stupidity to brighten up your day. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous […]

And Now For The Weather Report – By Prince Charles – Video


This is classic! Prince Charles read the weather report last night on Scottish Telly. Standing in front of the BBC’s weather map, Prince Charles delivered a report based on a specially written script which included references to royal residences in Scotland. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I […]

Racist Tweet Models Meet With DA Spokesman – Pic


The two South African Models who have been at the centre of the racist tweet tirade have met with  DA Spokesman

Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Robert Mugabe


Sacha Baron Cohen has some serious balls! In honour of his upcoming movie The Dictator, he arranged a premiere of his movie at Robert Mugabes place. Check it out! The thing is, that it’s not actually happening and it’s just a stunt to promote the movie, or piss Bob off, or both! Thanks

Avatar 2 – Spoof trailer


Hey, look here is another spoof film. Every thing epic we know of is in one film. Look at the trailer its hectic/funny. Avatar 2 …. My big fat Pandora vs. the deathly hallows striking back at Muriel’s lethal weapon: reloaded Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It […]

It’s Too Heavy – An Oscar Winning Kids Tantrum Performance – Video


This is fantastic! I just got sent this link by Erik, the father of our budding actress in this clip. The man is supremely patient! It’s amazing what kids will go through to not do something! Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write […]

Win with Zone Radio and The Red Shed this Mothers Day


Thousands Of Rands Worth Of Prizes To Be Won. Enter This Competition On Zone Radio. The Red Shed Craft Market Mothers Day Promotion. With Mothers Day on the horizon, a number of the businesses located in The Red Shed at the V&A Waterfront have teamed together to offer Zone Radio listeners the chance to win […]

The Cape Town Marijuana March Was This Weekend – Video


I wrote about this briefly last week when I wrote about my mate Adin The NoMoney Guy.

This weekend saw the first Cape Canna Fest, started by NORML South Africa to “unify the South African Cannabis culture and give us all a voice.”

FHM Models Racist Tweet Causes Uproar


Just earlier today I posted about Ashton Kutcher getting stick for doing nothing wrong basically. Well now there is another racism row going on. A 20 year-old FHM model has sparked outrage on Twitter after using the ‘K’ word in a tweet. 2011 FHM Models Competition winner Jessica Leandra (@JessicaLeandra) posted a tweet in which […]

It’s Friday Fail Everybody, Gather ‘Round

This bunch of clips is probably the funniest I have seen, this seriously put a smile on my face. Enjoy. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. I use fire and shit to makethings happen. I like absurdity […]

Grannies Review The Kardashian Sex Tape – Video


This is hilarious.

Darren Scott Back And He Has Ballz

Darren Scott is back behind the mic with Ballz

I found this on Ballz and he is hoping it will shake up the broadcasting landscape in SA. Ballz follows in the path of other online radio ventures like Cape Town’s 2OceansVibe and is apparently already garnering a loyal listenership since launching three weeks ago. Scott fell from grace last September after directing racial slurs […]

Marmite – the Mascot

Destroyer Of All Things Fragile And Expensive

“The term mascot – defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck” And we finally have one here on Socialyz. We’d like the world to meet Marmite. He likes cuddling, meowing and generally destroying anything in his path. We sometimes call him Marco or Mango if he makes us […]

The Uni-Brow Party – In And Around Your Face

uni-Bert & Ernie

You all remember my friend the Loose Wheel? She left the b-e-a-utiful shores of Cape Town to go see if the grass really is greener on the other side. Well? Is it greener??!! Apparently it is…cause she is now getting married to the hottest afrikaans boy that side of the boerewors curtain. ( I’m her […]

Man Sues BMW For 2 Year Erection – Video

A San Francisco man is suing vehicle manufacturer BMW, alleging that one of the company’s motorbikes left him with a two year erection. Reports surfaced on Monday that Henry Wolf has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was “stricken with a severe case priapism – a persistent, long-lasting erection – after going for two back-to-back […]

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