The Twilight Saga Eclipse – 10 Second Teaser Trailer

In an absolutely pointless exercise a 10 second teaser clip has been released for the latest issue fueled Twilight movie, Eclipse. Dunno if I can handle this, it’s pure teen angst love mixed with Vampire and Werewolf…. what’s next?? Bring on the Zombies!!!! I’d fucken love it if Bella suddenly pulled a ‘Thriller’ move on […]

Jedi Knight Thrown Out Of Supermarket For Not Removing Hood

Ok Now I’ve heard it all. Jedi Religion Founder Morda Hehol (real name Daniel Jones from Wales) was recently refused his religious right to cover his head at his local tesco.

Idiot Dives Into Frozen River – Plants Face.

Definately don’t try this one at home… Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property dude. I “entrepreneur” the shit out of things. I run on tequila and good food.More […]

Mandela Wired At The Waterfront Is The Dream

The other day my mate Tamryn and I were sitting having

Cocaine In The AYER?

Wow well this is a first. Im not getting this. Maybe for drug reinforement? What does reinforcement actually MEAN? I tried to find out but I got lost and couldn’t find anything worthwhile explaining it. If any of you know then let me know then I’ll let everyone else know (including the guys who work […]

Everyone Is Jizzing In Their Pants

There’s a new something that is really taking off in the netosphere (I made that up) If you haven’t already seen the Andy Samberg / The Lonely Island song “Jizz in my pants” video then you really have been under a rock! This parody is now being redone over and over again until everyone is […]

Unknown Spaniard Loaded

Hectic how’s this? I guess you gotta be in it to win it. Now the problem is I personally KNOW someone who won the South African Lottery a few years back, so the law of averages (damn you LOA damn you!!!!!!) means there is slim to fuckall chance of me ever winning any kind of […]

Dude Pushes The Boat Out

I recently was sent this picture about a dude pushing the boat out in Cape Town Harbour. It all makes sense now. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property […]

New opinion, Tree won’t grow in Lung.

"Art liked a bit of Rosemary with his steak tartar"

News24 have done it again! Their latest article on the Spruce tree in a lung story makes a whole lotta more sense. Check it out

Susan Boyle the youtube sensation, featuring Amanda Holden.

Looking just peachy Ms Holden

So everyone is talking about Susan Boyle, the latest super talent voice on Britains got talent. I have to admit she sings really well and I got a gooseflesh moment when she started. It was total justice to see how shocked everyone was to see how awesome she is. Respect Susan! Check it out. Total […]

Taliban military training camp

I found this cool video on youtube about some Arab dude trying out a new treadmill. It’s fucken funny. It seems like such a cross cultural thing to be doing and heaven knows what this video is actually about. I mean who the fuck would operate a treadmill in a robe? I LOVE the music […]

Spruce tree grows inside mans lung – for real

Aaah those buggers at

Real world group kicks ass with super song

See this is what I was talking about earlier. I remember seeing this a while back and it kicks fuckin’ ass man. I work from home and I love the way I can wake up, not have to deal with traffic etc and just start working. I think musicians should follow suit and start working […]

Burnt to a crisp

Ok I know we all suffer from this problem, but this guy, clearly a lefty, REALLY layed it on thick and then toasted his back. Thats gotta hurt in the morning son… Didn’t he feel something might have been wrong? 100 points for effort. Either he was in the desert or has NEVER been in […]

I love

I love going to when I need a laugh to brighten up my day. Some People are just plain THICK. Ok this oke clearly has mammary glands for brains! What did he expect to happen? Gotta love it man! Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t […]

Super talented crystal glasses dude

Ok this is just ridiculous, I mean how do you learn this? I bet you this oke has some serious social problems… anyway good on you matey, that’s one special talent you have there…

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