Clubbing With Villains

I found this clip. Basically, it’s all about clubbing with villains. This video has them all, and it’s pretty cool, quite catchy and by the second time the chorus comes around you’ll definitely be singing along. This song contains all the villians from films ( and tv series)  such as;  Star Wars, Batman, The little […]

Staring At A Womans Breasts Is Healthy… For Men

…or not! German scientists conducted a study and the study found the men who stared at breasts more often showed lower occurences of heart problems, a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure. So trying desperately not to get my boyfriend too excited I did a bit of digging and guess what, it was […]

The Vibrating Factor

I did a bit of research on vibrators. Every girl should have one and I wanted to see what is new on the market. So I came ( no pun intended)  across this advert and I think it’s friggin hilarious. According to this advert you can apply it to any part of your body for […]

The Parlotones – Dragonflies and Astronauts

You’ll remember I wrote an article on The Parlotones and their super event where you can check them out at Nu Metro cinemas in 3D, well, they just posted a little teaser for everyone… AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Earth Hour – The Fight Against Climate Change

You know that at we like to promote and raise awareness for anything that will benefit the planet, such as the guys at Global Wheeling and their tree planting and round the world bicycle campaign, and events such as Earth Hour. In 2007 , in Sydney, Australia, 2.2 million individuals and over 2000 businesses […]

That Great Big Fire In The Sky

Sunset Over The Atlantic

If you live in Cape Town you would believe me if I tell you it’s been so flippen hot here that it’s almost impossible to do anything during the day. Yes folks, we sit at work in out hot pants and we melt in front of our laptop’s… not cool! I fancy myself a bit […]

Durban Agency Offers Tickets For Spaceship Trips

Waking up to a decidedly much cooler Cape Town after all of this, I thought I’d give the news websites a quick scan and I found something very exciting! Those of you that know me know that I like anything to do with space (not just

The Parlotones In 3D

I did an article a while back on The Parlotones and their concert at the Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town earlier this year and my thoughts were “what can they possibly do next?” well, this is what they are doing next. The Parlotones will be the first band EVER in the WORLD to broadcast live […]

We Owe You One

Joe Social and the TwinMassProducer were arsing about in the kitchen, Joe Social was trying to demonstrate how you can get someone back if you owe them one. Definitely try this at home or at your place of work! Next time you’re out with friends, family, at your place of work or at the

Summer Simply Klapping it In Cape Town

What to do in Cape Town on the most stunning summers day ever???? Well I was sitting here wondering that EXACT thing when Asstastic suggested we head down to Doodles for some sundowners…   So I thought about it… various things have gone down at this place, such as the infamous finger scratching video… and […]

Parking Like This Guy

If you are bad at parking or just can’t follow simple instructions on where not to park, this one is for you. AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do In Public…

…Rubbing your finger in a very strange manner! So, last night my man and I went down to our local. We are regulars at

The New Shii – Wii For Women – Hilarious!

This is hilarious! This morning I was looking around for something to write about and this kinda grabbed me. It starts off kinda tame but then it really hots up and ends with a bang. This one is definately not safe for work once you reach the end… well I guess that depends on where […]

Beware The Believers: The Sequel

Remember a week or so back Asstastic posted the Richards Dawkins inspired rap called Beware The Believers? Well I thought I’d do a little research on this tune as it’s so witty and all of that. Turns out it was made by a guy called Michael Edmondson from Float On Films, and it was produced […]

If You Don’t Know Them By Now….

…then you certainly never will. Yes ladies….these are the guys we love. I can picture you rolling your eyes thinking “typical” They certainly spoil those romantic moments, but one thing is for sure, they love their beer. Enjoy. AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Awesome Cape Town Full Moon Hike Panorama

Oh My F*&k Is that a MOUNTAIN?

Friends of mine have been telling me about the full moon hike up Lions Head for ages but in true Cape Town fashion I’ve nodded my head and thought uhuh what a mission to get there… sound familiar? Well for all you lazy bastards out there like me I present…

‘Till The Cows Come Home

I was feeling slightly depressed this morning, when my sister sent me this. Thought I’d share it with you, and hopefully it will put  a smile on your face too… AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Global Wheeling Plant a Tree Campaign

Those of you that know me know that I’m always on about the environment and what we can do as the average person to make a difference to the state of the world at the moment. Well far from being the average person, a mate of mine Kayden Kleinhans has been doing his bit far […]

All You Can Eat Ribs AND Rugby at Caprice Tonight!

Well it’s that time of year folks, men are besides themselves with all the sporting action on offer. We can barely decide what to do with our time with the Cricket World Cup on the go, and the Super 15 having just started too. One of the big events of each year is the FNB […]

Awesome U2 Fan Cam Interactive Stadium Pics!

U2 fancam of the Alien ship killing people...umm I mean chilling above the U2 concert...

So you haven’t planned properly or cracked the nod and youre not at the U2 concert? Well never fear! Besides the posts we have shared here showing the U2 time lapse set up of the ‘claw/alien’ stage setup, as well as the fan videos we posted here, we can now also post this awesome

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