Pink Floyd To Release Digitally Remastered Albums

Legendary British prog-rock band, Pink Floyd, have announced they are undertaking the massive task of reissuing all 14 of their studio albums, as well as previously unreleased material in digitally remastered format on an individual basis and as a box set on 26 September. Drummer Nick Mason, said they have chosen to do it now […]

Awesome Model Airport Is Worlds Most Detailed Model

This is fantastic. I found this on the net today. It’s the Knuffington Airport Model. MAkes you feel like a kid again. Check this video out you wont be disappointed. The world’s largest miniature airport is now open to the public in Hamburg, Germany. This $5 million masterpiece, six years in the making, captures every […]

Adrian Larger From Zone Radio – The Interview

You guys have probably seen that I have been writing articles about Zone Radio, the online radio station based in Cape Town. Zone Radio plays hits from the 50s to the 90s and has a host of exciting DeeJays who really know their music and give you an experience you can’t get at other radio […]

World Wildlife Foundation – Still Fighting The Good Fight

At Socialyz, we are not quite tree huggers but we tend to join the good fight when it comes to looking after our planet, and keeping our prints green. I guess everyone has the whole “someone else will do it” or ” billions of other people are doing it” attitudes. Well billions of other people […]

Kelly Rowland Has A New Single Out And It Sucks

Remember we wrote about Beyonce’s new single and how much it sucks? Well, Kelly Rowland also has a new single out and it also sucks.   AsstasticMore Posts – Website

King Mswati III – Absolute Monarchy

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King Mswati III, the  ruler of Swaziland has 13 wives and holds an annual dance where he can choose a new bride from  bare-breasted virgins. Now he is flying out to the UK for the Royal wedding. Where does the money for the visit was come from “because Swaziland is one of the poorest countries […]

Pitbull In Cape Town

I wrote an article on things you could do over Easter weekend,  Pitbull was one of them. He will be at the CTICC on the 24th April. Dont have tickets yet? I suggest you move your butt and get some! Tickets are going fast! They are available at Computicket from R300 per person.   AsstasticMore […]

Cat And Dolphin Make Chommies – Aaaaw Cute!

How cute is this?? My mate Andre the property broker sent this in to us and he says ag moeder man this is so cuuuute! Andre always has an eye for cute stuff like this. Go on, don’t let Andre be the only person who likes this, have a look and don’t say I didn’t […]

The Shuttle’s Final Resting Place

It has been thirty years since the start of the shuttle program and the orbiters are retiring. NASA have announced that these oribiters will spend the rest of their days as museum pieces. I’ll say! If these orbiters could talk I’m sure they would have a lot to say, imagine the stories they would tell. […]

To Space and Beyond – The First Human In Space And The First Shuttle launch

Yes pleeeaaasseee!! Today is THE day. Larger , the

Gunshots Ring Out On Safe House Set

Residents of gang infested Bonteheuwel were left cowering as gunfire erupted – and continued – for a few hours last night. The terrified folk found themselves sleeping on their floors and under beds in fear of being caught in the crossfire  of what they believed was another turf war between the rival gangs that plague […]

Beastly – The Movie Trailer

If you’re a girl, you’ll probably remember Beauty and the Beast. This year, the magic comes back but this time with a slight twist. Modern day and it’s all about looks. People like you because you’re beautiful, and they dislike you because they think you’re not. Unfortunately in this world looks are everything and if […]

MeerKAT – Looking Back In Time

I’ve written about the stars, about space and about drinking wine while staring into space, and drinking wine while staring at the stars in space. If you know anything about the night sky as we see it you’ll know that when we look at the stars we are basically looking back in time. For example: […]

Branson To Explore The Oceans Next

Not content with just exploring space via Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson has now set his sights on exploring the deep Ocean. Virgin today announced the launch of Virgin Oceanic. I love any sort of exploration and I’m a big admirer of Richard Branson. So this is right up my alley. I can only imagine what […]

What To Do In Cape Town On A Wednesday

Summer is almost over and winter is upon us. Gone is the party atmosphere and everyone is back to work, you are probably sitting at your desk right now wondering what you could do to save yourself from this big black hole filled with complete boredom. Here is what’s on in Cape Townon a Wednesday, […]

Lesbian Conveniently Looks Like Justin Bieber

The net is abuzz with this story. Dani Shay, an aspirant singer looks exactly like Justin Bieber. No kidding. Here below we have a video of her singing the Eminem song “Love the Way You Lie”. So where does the convenience come in? Well apparently she cannot go anywhere without young ladies throwing themselves at […]

Eminem Jack

I’m sure you’ve noticed we write about Jack Parow quite a bit. To me, he is a bit over the top and I can’t help cringing when we’re out somewhere and EVERYONE sings along to his songs and they know all the words and they think they are just as kief as he is. This […]

Video Inside Virgin Galactic Space Ship

This is insane. When would you think I would ever be writing an article like this? Well folks, the dawn of the age of Human Space exploration on a mass scale has arrived. Virgin Galactic has just released a video of the inside of their Space ship (ja cool hey??) and it’s insane!   Joe […]

The Night Sky As We Don’t Know It

Pyramids at Giza

I was nagging my better half and he finally gave in and took myself and Mahpicki to the Planetarium in Cape Town. Now, I don’t know about Joe Social but as far as Mahpicki and I are concerned we are pro’s when it comes to star gazing, and when we’ve had a few glasses of […]

New Cape Town Online Radio Station Rocking

So you know we covered the launch of Zone Radio this last week here on right? Well let me give you a little bit more insight into this station, what it’s all about and what the target market is. Right now If you want to listen to good old rock and roll you have […]

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