Mountain Biker Gets Taken Out By Crazy Buck

Only in Africa (it’s the only place where wildlife actually roams freely) This mountain biker got more than he bargained for when he was taken out by a Red Hartebeest. Nice! Mountain Biker 0. Buck 1 Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write […]

2011 South African Idols Winner – Dave Van Vuuren

The Johannesburg-born Van Vuuren edged out Capetonian Mark Haze by just 0.9% of the almost two million votes cast – the closest margin in the history of the competition. When the voting closed on Monday, Van Vuuren had secured 50.49% of the votes. Voting for the final was particularly heavy – a quarter or so […]

Andre The Property Broker Has Done It Again – Christian The Lion Makes Him Warm And Fuzzy

If you’re a regular with us here on Socialyz, you’ll know that our mate, Andre the property broker, always sends us really cute videos. Well, he has done it again, he sent me this video. We all know it but like Andre said in his email to me, it makes him feel warm and fuzzy […]

Riaan Cruywagen is in a Jacuzzi Yo

Thats right, and it’s in aid of promoting the latest Loeries, nice one Riaan. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. Then its gone from my head. I am a blogger, and a property dude. I “entrepreneur” the shit out of things. […]

This Week On YouTube

AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Achmed Is Back

It’s Monday ( dreaded Monday) and it’s all fun and games in the office this morning. My assistant and I really don’t feel like working today so I decided to find something funny we could all laugh at.   Jeff Dunham has a new show, Controlled Chaos,¬† and here is a sneak preview…     […]

Cutest Baby Monkey Ever – Playing With An iPhone

This one is straight out of the cute files. Sent to me by none other than my mate Andre the Property Broker, this video has us all going ‘aaaah cute’ in the office. Nice for a Friday morning… This is Nala the baby Capuchin monkey who has never seen an iPhone before… Joe SocialI’m writing […]

Its The Annual MOB Tournament Time Again

It’s time for all you old boys and girls to show your support for your teams in the Annual MOB (Milnerton Old Boys) Old Boys Rugby Festival which is going down at Milnerton High School. So what’s this about? It’s a tournament that pits the best Old Boys from various schools against each other for […]

Foo Fighters Do Falling Down

I’m a big Foo Fighters fan. Dave Grohl in particular just gives that vibe that it’s all about the rock. Driving guitars, heart-pounding drums and growling lyrics tempered with some amazing melodies and a massive dose of stage presence make them one of the bands that appear on my “must see live” list before I […]

Blake Lively Gets The Goss Going With Nude Iphone Pics


Famous people just aren’t the same as you and me. It’s understandable when they get upset with the papparazzi hounding them, taking photo’s of them in their worst or most embarrassing moments. Sometimes however they do things for which they only have themselves to blame. Like take naked pictures of yourself on your Iphone. Now […]

Is Animal Cruelty The New Sport In SA?

You may have read Joe Social’s post about the unfortunate vervet monkey that was burned for being a witch? Well it seems that not too many days can pass in South Africa without some cruel dimwit making up for his own cowardice by taking it out on an animal. As evidenced in Benoni, where a […]

Cutest Cat Ever Takes Shower In Bathroom Sink

Andre the property broker is going to LOVE this! I found this on one of the other cape town based blogs and they were right.. this is the cutest cat ever. Once I saw this I just knew that i HAD to show Andre, he loves this kind of shit. How cool is this cat? […]

Cape Scientists Find Cockroach That Can Jump

A Cape cockroach, that can jump, has been named as one of the world’s new top ten species. The “leaproach”, which can grow up to one centimetre in length, was discovered in the Table Mountain National Park by scientists from the University of Cape Town, Beeld newspaper reported on Thursday. “Its jump is powerful… it […]

Icelandic Volcano Eruption Caught On Video, Harold Camping Is Thrilled!

Well we aren’t sure if he is thrilled, but doomsday seer wannabe Harold Camping should be, and with good reason. Filmmaker Jon Gustafsson caught footage of the Grimsv√∂tn eruption from the safety of an Icelandic military helicopter. How Awesome is that? Take a look. Old Harold will be fucken thrilled. He has just told us […]

Somebody Has Some Explaining To Do

You may recall the piece that Asstastic posted on the end of the world. Well the good news for all of us is that she was right to be sceptical. After all, nobody really believed it did they?   Harold Camping spent month’s telling us that the end is nigh. Looks like it’s more a […]

Why Men Love Bitches – The Book

The Secret Playbook Saga

I was at a wee piss up at Mahpicki the Side-Kicky’s house this weekend and we had a very interesting conversation with some of her other girl friends. Why do Men Love bitches? The answer to your question lies in the Book – Why men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I did a bit of […]

Danny MacAskill Rips Up Cape Towns Streets

You know Danny MacAskill right? He is that dude with the insane bicycle skills that makes us all feel like we need to spend the next few days running in the gym just to get a semblance of his skill and balance in our lives. Well guess what? He has recently graced the Fariest Cape […]

The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

Aaahhhhh this is SO CUTE MAN!!!!! This was just sent to me by my mate Andre the property broker. Andre is the guy who keeps sending us all the cutest moments that he founds out there on the net. This one is no exception. This is the video of a trailer made by Matt to […]

The TwinMassProducer Is Feeling Sick

We care for our colleagues here at Socialyz. So we sent him a little E-card. Just to cheer him up. TMP – this one’s just for you. TheFrenchConnectionMore Posts – Website

Friday The 13th Has Socialyz Worried

TheFrenchConnection hates most Fridays

Do you suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia? Or fear of Friday the 13th as it’s more commonly known. I’m starting to think Joe Social and Asstastic do. Maybe it’s because today is Friday the 13th? Or perhaps it’s because TheFrenchConnection’s alias is Jason? And he had his 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. And he owns a […]

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