Nandos Adverts Deliver the Goods Again – Hilarious New Ad

I love Nandos Adverts and Nandos always seems to get it spot on with their advertising. This is the latest portion dished up for us by the guys over at the nandos creative team. Awesome. I was watching this one wondering how it was going to pan out and even though I knew exactly how […]

The Braai


The braai is a South African tradition that holds legend status. This is arguably what every male in South Africa does when it’s braai time, enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. I use fire and shit […]

Aquila Private Game Reserve – Top Spot For A Getaway


You’ll remember last year I wrote an article on Theodore Yach who did his 63rd swim between Blouberg and Robben island last year to show support for Aquila Private Game Reserve’s ” Saving Private Rhino” initiative. Last year two of their male Rhino’s got poached at the game reserve. When a Rhino’s horn get’s cut […]

Too Cold On Earth? Go To Mars!

Let’s be honest. The weather here on good ol’ planet Earth is frankly pretty shocking lately. So why not go to Mars instead? Check out this fantastic Panorama done with the latest pics beamed to Earth by the Curiosity Rover.

New Coke Ad is a real tear jerker


The New Coke ad is a real tear jerker. Security cameras have proven an invaluable tool in the fight against crime the world over, but with such access to the comings and goings of modern life, they also inevitably capture the more light-hearted, quirky and heroic moments of the day. Coca-Cola, has used this feel […]

Movie Monday – Prometheus


On Friday June 8 Prometheus opens in South Africa (Staring Charlize Theron), a long and very anticipated wait. Prometheus is a prequel to the hit Aliens movies from a few decades back. Here is an update trailer just to get you excited for Friday. Enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that […]

Mark Keohane Quits After Cocaine and Prostitutes Saga


Celebrity rugby writer Mark ­Keohane resigned suddenly on Friday as spokesperson of South Africa’s Olympic team – hours ­after City Press confronted him with allegations of drug abuse and sexual harassment.   If this is all true it would be a sad end to an exceptional career. I don’t like the guy much but he […]

One For The Ladies – Awesome Marriage Proposal


I saw this earlier on the net, and instead of going gung ho on bad news stories I thought I would post this one for the ladies.

Epic Video – Slinky on a Treadmill


Cue the dramatic Music. Enter the star. Action! There is something just so special about this video. Some may find this idiotically boring, some may find it offensive. I find it exciting! Will the slinky make it to the end? Will our star achieve its goal? I don’t know you’ll have to watch and see! […]

Sir David Attenborough – What a Wonderful World


After what feels like weeks talking about Spear paintings and all that, I thought it was time for a little bit of culture. To honour the 85-year-old Sir David Attenborough, who just concluded narrating his final series on the BBC, a UK ad agency mashed up footage from his BBC shows with his spoken-word recording […]

Wayne Parnell in Rave party drug sting


IPL players Wayne Parnell and Rahul Sharma of Pune Warriors team, who were detained along with 94 others during a raid on a rave party in suburban Juhu, were let off today after collection of their blood and urine samples. In another development, Vishay Handa, director of city-based Oakwood Premier Hotel, where the rave party […]

Humanity = Awesome

Awesome People

Once again I get super excited when I see a clip of people doing awesome things, it brings pride to my heart knowing that there are people out there like the people in this clip. Enjoy! Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with […]

This ones for The Loose Wheel


I love Table Mountain, but I know someone who loves it even more than me. This morning on the school run I stopped outside my favourite drinking hole

Awesome Pics of the Clifton Stranded Boat


This weekend Cape Town was abuzz with the excitement of having a boat run ashore in Clifton. These photos were taken by

Awesome People Are Awesome

Awesome People

You might have seen our friday fail clips but for a change im going to post some successful stunts, no fails will be seen in this clip only epic WINS! Enjoy. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It has nothing to do with my ridiculous t shirt. Promise. […]

Who’s Got A Crush On Nina Dobrev, I Do!


You know that chick from The Vampire Diaries? The one who has the Salvatore brothers salivating at every opportunity? That’s Nina Dobrev. Nina Dobrev gets all footsy with Conan while demonstrating her yoga and like totally rubs her foot on his crotch area, lucky bastard! Check it out. Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You […]

And Now For The Weather Report – By Prince Charles – Video


This is classic! Prince Charles read the weather report last night on Scottish Telly. Standing in front of the BBC’s weather map, Prince Charles delivered a report based on a specially written script which included references to royal residences in Scotland. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I […]

Racist Tweet Models Meet With DA Spokesman – Pic


The two South African Models who have been at the centre of the racist tweet tirade have met with  DA Spokesman

Avatar 2 – Spoof trailer


Hey, look here is another spoof film. Every thing epic we know of is in one film. Look at the trailer its hectic/funny. Avatar 2 …. My big fat Pandora vs. the deathly hallows striking back at Muriel’s lethal weapon: reloaded Iron ManThey call me Iron Man! You can figure that out for yourself. It […]

Timelapse Video – From Birth To 12 Years Old In 3 Minutes

One dedicated dad recorded his daughter every week for 12 years. This is the awesome result. This short video shows the amazing transformation of a tiny baby to a beautiful young girl. Take a look. Joe SocialI’m writing this cos I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t sleep unless I write it. […]

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