Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

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The cat Lover And The Online Dating

Ok so She LOVES cats. AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Worlds Sexiest Women 2011 – It’s A Guy Thing

Yolanda Nieman

FHM Modelbook chicks got enough votes to get themselves into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 list. FHM must be so proud! AsstasticMore Posts – Website

The Parlotones To Support Cold Play

The Parlotones have been chosen to support Coldplay, who will be performing live for the first time ever in South Africa on Wednesday 5th October at Cape Town Stadium and Saturday 8th October at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium Johannesburg. The tour is presented by 94.5 KFM, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net. The Parlotones […]

It’s Magic – The Parlotones

This is the picture I stole off their website. You can go oggle it here

Remember I wrote about The Parlotones’ new album Eavesdropping on the songs of Whales here? Well it’s here! Yay yay yay! but it’s not on the net yet… boooooo M-Net has launched a brand new campaign full of colours, creativity and music from South Africa’s favourite band, The Parlotones, “evoking” that Magic feeling. The creation […]

Bulls Vs Stormers – Big Effing Game

As a woman I reserve my right to support the team I want and my choice is the Vodacom Blue Bulls. I’ll be the first to admit that some bulls fans take it way too far in their support systems but we don’t tend to gloat, unless of course you slagged us at every game […]

The Best Guesthouse In Town

Yesterday Joe Social and I went over to our mate Bill’s Guesthouse. We were looking for a place to have staff breakfasts and work functions at an affordable price, he suggested we come by and have a look to see if his spot would be suitable. Home away from home I tell you! Bonus? It’s […]

Look At This Crazy Dog

no really ending ever

Winter Is Cool

It’s winter in the mother city and I bet you’re stuck in doors with the kids because going to the beach on a cold grey day just isn’t as much fun. I came up with a list of things to do in and around Cape Town and I thought. Why don’t you go have a […]

Eminem Takes A stab At Gaga And Bieber


And we love him for it. This morning The Frenchconnection sent me this video and my toes just curled over! On socialyz we always write about Bieber fever and The Lady Gaga Saga and this just adds to our pot of “Baga” articles. Just type their names in our search box and you’ll see what […]

Celebrity Porn Stars

Before he was Rocky Balboa though, he was “Stud” in The Party at Kitty and Stud's which brought him the wonderful sum of $200 ( R1 400). The flick was originally released as hardcore pornography, but after Mr. Stallone became a Hollywood name, the more graphic scenes and money shots were cut from subsequent releases. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to find a copy of the flick, which shouldn’t be hard (*lol), you can see Sylvester in all his glory as he services Kitty and three of her friends.

  Before he was Rocky Balboa, he was “Stud” in The Party at Kitty and Stud’s which brought him  $200 ( R1 400). The flick was originally released as hardcore pornography, but after Mr. Stallone became a Hollywood name, the more graphic scenes and money shots were cut from subsequent releases. If you’re lucky (or […]

The Givenchy Swimsuit Shoot And The Transsexual

Lea T  has landed a major contract with Brazilian swimwear brand, Blue Man, which includes a beach shoot and catwalk appearances. And who wouldn’t want to be the face of Givenchy?   Leandro Cerezo must be the envy of many men and women in the fashion world.   That’s right boys, Lea T =  Leandro […]

Curves – Hot Or Not?

Most women would just love to be the model on the cover of a magazine. Who wouldnt want to be anorexic right?  The problem with beauty magazine’s is that they do not promote self esteem.  If I were to compare myself with those chicks I probably would have chewed off my wrists ages ago but […]

Pirates Of The Western Cape – On Stranger Tides

Earlier I wrote an article on how 3D porn can (apparently) make you pregnant. It was all a bit of a laugh but I’m starting to think it’s true. Joe Social and I were out for our weekly romantic-do-something-with-your-other-half special and after enjoying a much needed lunch we decided to go watch Pirates of the […]

The Juju Saga

We are not inheritary racists, we have friends from all different races but in South Africa its extremey difficult to not think about race when the people in charge are constantly talking about race, constantly bringing up racism and constantly pointing fingers at people based on race all the while ignoring the fact that their […]

3D Porn Is The Direct Cause For Pregnancies

And the pope is set to marry the Queen later this year. (??!!) Likely story! An American military man got home from Iraq and found his wife to be pregnant. She says she watched a porn movie and a month later she was pregnant. The oke and his wife are both white but the baby […]

Tequila Is Good For You

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Possibly The Funniest Video EVER

The Twinmassproducer posted this to his Facebook profile and I thought I’d share it with you all. I just can’t stop laughing… The snail is my favourite!   AsstasticMore Posts – Website

The Big Five Performance At The Barnyard Theatre

big 5

Joe Social and I are regulars at our local and twice a year the owners take all the regulars on a little trip. This weekend we got treated to the Big Five Show at Barnyard in Willowbridge. A Tribute to Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Elton John & Madonna. Imagine Elton, Michael, Tina, Rod […]

The Emotion Gallery – Piss Yourself Laughing

I took it upon myself to pick up the Loose-wheel who currently doesn’t have a car. ( haha yes I know ) I had a serious case of had-to-get-antibiotics and dragged the Loose-wheel along to my dischem spree where I told the friendly not so friendly lady behind the counter that I would like to […]

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