Nandos Takes A Dig At The Access To Information Bill

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How To Make An Online Dating Video

Remember I posted that Video about the dating video with the cat lover? I found another one. I’m not sure If I should laugh or cry but I’ll give this guy 10 out of 10 for trying…   AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Swimming For The Rhino’s – Saving Private Rhino

With the Western Black Rhino now confirmed as being extinct and with 2011 being big on Rhino’s and poachers , people seem to be coming together to fight for the Rhino’s. In this past week, social networks have been covered in pictures of Rhino’s who have had their horns cut off,accompanied by campaigns to help […]

Weirdest Video About A Dog Taking A Wee

This is just down right weird… AsstasticMore Posts – Website

2011 South African Idols Winner – Dave Van Vuuren

The Johannesburg-born Van Vuuren edged out Capetonian Mark Haze by just 0.9% of the almost two million votes cast – the closest margin in the history of the competition. When the voting closed on Monday, Van Vuuren had secured 50.49% of the votes. Voting for the final was particularly heavy – a quarter or so […]

Lady Gaga Our Friday Fail


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Dave Van Vuuren – Vincent

At socialyz we have a new South African Idols favourite and our vote will be going to Dave. The whole country got driven to tears as Dave Van Vuuren performed his version of Don McLean’s Vincent. If you know the original then I’m sure you’ll appreciate Dave’s version on the song.   I got something […]

Puss In Boots The Movie

You’ve probably all seen atleast one (if not all) of the Shrek movies. If you have kids, you’ve probably seen every single one of the four Shrek movies atleast 5 kazillion times.  I’m right aren’t I? I have good news! It’s the movie that’s all about Puss in Boots. I can’t wait to see it…for […]

To The Springboks – Moer Hulle

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Andre The Property Broker Has Done It Again – Christian The Lion Makes Him Warm And Fuzzy

If you’re a regular with us here on Socialyz, you’ll know that our mate, Andre the property broker, always sends us really cute videos. Well, he has done it again, he sent me this video. We all know it but like Andre said in his email to me, it makes him feel warm and fuzzy […]

Finding Someone Like You

I guess this song is the new favourite, mainly because It’s always played on the radio atleast 20 times a day and because I have about 5 cd’s in my car with this song on it. Everyone can most probably relate to this song in one way or another, I know I certainly can but […]

This Week On YouTube

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The Rugby World Cup 2011

Everyone is looking forward to the Rugby World Cup, especially since there is just 14 days to go. I came across this video…can someone please explain to me why the “all blacks” get to hold the trophy at the end of the video? ahhh yes, they are peaking too usual.   AsstasticMore Posts – […]

Nando’s Take A Dig At Ard Matthews

So we all know about Ard Matthews and his two word fuck up. Well Nando’s knows about it too… AsstasticMore Posts – Website

I’ll Give You The Night Of Your Life

I have a new get-me-in-the-mood-for-a-party song! It’s David Guetta and Jennifer Hudson. It was annoying at first but like all of these songs, it tends to grow on you… Makes you wanna shake your biscuit dont it??! So, if you see some crazy chick dancing behind her steering wheel it’s probably me…I apologise in advance […]

Eddie Izzard And The Star Wars Trilogy

I’m a big fan of Eddie Izzard. That man is a legend and he makes me laugh ’till my sides get sore. All over socialyz you will find articles and video clips that have something to do with Eddie Izzard. That oke is fucken main!! So I know this is old but it’s still funny… […]

Achmed Is Back

It’s Monday ( dreaded Monday) and it’s all fun and games in the office this morning. My assistant and I really don’t feel like working today so I decided to find something funny we could all laugh at.   Jeff Dunham has a new show, Controlled Chaos,  and here is a sneak preview…     […]

The Date That Wasn’t Actually A Date

This video ended up in my inbox and I just have to share this with you and even the nerd leaning over your shoulder. It’s almost as good as my article on Lord Von Vader Ham and The Death Star Canteen. I have 2 new favourite words – Dick pillows. NSFW!   < AsstasticMore Posts […]

The Raving Viking

This oke is Socialyz’s new hero. I’d like to thank The Twinmassproducer for sending me this. Apparently this Viking just dances in the street and what’s more,  he has a whole string of followers…       AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Britney Spears Wants To Go – The Video

The video for I Wanna Go, begins with the singer hosting a mock press conference. The first question fired at her is: ‘Is it true you banned junk food, smiles, sunshine, candy and laughter from your Femme Fatale tour?’ to which she replies, ‘Yes’. She is then asked if she can confirm reports she is […]

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