Backsberg Wine Estate Picnic Concerts


Gather together with friends and family, enjoy the summer sun as it sets on the Cape Winelands and head to the farm for this season’s Backsberg Picnic Concerts Series. Surrounded by vineyards, gardens and mountains this event promises a relaxing late-afternoon outing for young and old. Enjoy a glass of wine, feast on our famous […]

The Autocorrect Song

Thanks to mahpicki my trusty side kicky I got to see this, and I think you should too. Did you know that if you try and type autocorrect it sometimes comes out with autoerotic or (my favourite) dildocarrot? AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Aquila Private Game Reserve – Top Spot For A Getaway


You’ll remember last year I wrote an article on Theodore Yach who did his 63rd swim between Blouberg and Robben island last year to show support for Aquila Private Game Reserve’s ” Saving Private Rhino” initiative. Last year two of their male Rhino’s got poached at the game reserve. When a Rhino’s horn get’s cut […]

Our Favourite Advert For 2012

As the only person who it is acceptable to shed a tear ( Girls are allowed to cry)  here at Socialyz I thought I’d share our new favourite advert for this year. It is so well done.  Yay for the people over at VW. ” Some technology connects us. The best technology brings us together” […]

Now It’s Just A Song That Everyone Knows

My friend David sent me this. He has a knack for finding weird and funny things, especially when it’s stuff he is guilty of. Thank you David for sharing this with us. We are all guilty. AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Emma Hewitt – Miss You Paradise Video


Brilliant song… if we could just skip past the ad fast enough! AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Zuma’s Spear – “Get Over It” says Tselane Tambo

The Spear is part of Brett Murray's Hail to the Thief II exhibition at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg

Recently we all saw the magnificent the painting of President Jacob Zuma where his genitals were exposed. It’s safe to say the President isn’t happy. The SA Students’ Congress (Sasco) said on Monday that the painting is an attack on the African Culture. “This arrogance is ideological and an attack to the very value and […]

Marmite – the Mascot

Destroyer Of All Things Fragile And Expensive

“The term mascot – defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck” And we finally have one here on Socialyz. We’d like the world to meet Marmite. He likes cuddling, meowing and generally destroying anything in his path. We sometimes call him Marco or Mango if he makes us […]

The Uni-Brow Party – In And Around Your Face

uni-Bert & Ernie

You all remember my friend the Loose Wheel? She left the b-e-a-utiful shores of Cape Town to go see if the grass really is greener on the other side. Well? Is it greener??!! Apparently it is…cause she is now getting married to the hottest afrikaans boy that side of the boerewors curtain. ( I’m her […]

Rachael Leahcar – The Voice

No really everyone..this chick definately has THE voice..and I think the judges agree.   AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Cover The Night Was Here – What’s Next?

Remember my articles on the Kony 2012 Campaign? In case you missed them you can read about it here and here. In the last article I wrote about the event “Cover the Night“.  Cover the Night was on the 20th April, and you, The Kony 2012 supporter were supposed to do some community service, to […]

Kony 2012 Part II – Beyond Famous

I wrote an article a  while back  on the KONY 2012 campaign.  The charity Invisible Children has come out with yet another video. This one will grab you by the balls. (You can read my previous article and watch their other video by readng my first article on Joseph Kony.) Joseph Kony and The LRA […]

Goodbye Sasha

5 Fm, have annouced that Sasha Martinengo will be leaving the station at the end of March 2012.The staff here at Socialyz would just like to get our 2 cents in. All we have to say is boooo – followed by one big giant sob. This guy has basically been there since forever. I had […]

Earth Hour 2012

Every year, I write an article on Earth Hour. This year all I’m going to do, is ask… What will you do to go beyond the hour?   AsstasticMore Posts – Website

Let Your Body Drive

Euro RSG recently made an interactive video with the slogan “Let Your Body Drive” in mind. The concept was developed by the creative team of Romy Lunz (art director), Balekane Mokoditoa (copywriter) and Jeff Harvey (copywriter), led by Deeb. “The idea is about letting your instincts take control and enjoying the world with your senses,” […]

Who Is Garth Murphy

You might have come across the name; heard it whispered amongst your friends, heard the name being dropped at a party. WHO IS THIS GUY? I did some research and it was while  I stalked him, that I  managed to befriend the infamous Garth Murphy. He’s a world traveler, a successful business man, eye candy […]

KONY 2012

I spent the last half an hour of my life being angry but mostly crying at the injustice of it all. This wasn’t easy as I had to do it in an office full of people. Social networks are now something we use daily and this is how I came across this video. The video […]

South African Citizens Strike Back

The ANC marked their 100 year centenary by throwing an elaborate and expensive celebration in Bloemfontein. The President gave a speech and this speech, unfortunately, stood for everything that is wrong with our country today. The President’s speech starts out by relaying History,  how it happened , according to HIM. This is our response to […]

Twinmassproducer – Parking Attendant Of The Year

New Member Of PLAP

Our funny man friend, The Twinmassproducer, and I have been, for weeks now keeping our eye on a BMW X3 parked in and around our complex. Not because it’s a cool car but because this person is quite obviously part of the PLAP club. This woman parks over two parking bays without fail every single […]

The Access To Information Bill And The ANC Wiki Page

It was a sad day in South Africa yesterday as black Tuesday saw the passing of the access to information bill. AsstasticMore Posts – Website

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