The ANC Youth League demands FREE PASS for high school Learners

This just in. You know there are problems aplenty in Limpopo what with learners at schools still sitting without textbooks right? ( and it’s JUNE already) Now without going into WHY they don’t have textbooks and not to mention the warehouse full of unused textbooks recently unearthed by the DA, the fact of the matter remains is that an entire years worth of kids have not had the access to learning material they should have.

Can’t get the basics right Angie? Minister of Basic Education: Angie Motshekga

As it is now exam time, the ANCYL has come up with an ingenious solution now that kids are ill prepared and expected to fail.


I kid you not!

The ANC Youth League on Thursday demanded that Limpopo learners still waiting for textbooks be given a free pass.

“We demand that all learners be given the obligatory pass as the situation is stimulated by the government itself,” provincial spokesman Klaas Nono Mabunda said in a statement.

“The lack of learner support materials particularly textbooks comes with a lot of misfortunes to learners in grade 11 and 12,” said Mabunda.

Entry to the institutions of higher learning was determined by pupils’ performance on this term in the school calendar.

This is unbelievable. Not to mention the fact that their elected government has failed them, the kids now get a free pass? What does that mean. Will they continue to get free passes as they fail to compete with others in tertiary education who DID legitimately pass? This might sound cruel and unusual, but surely the government that promised these folks free housing and education should shoulder the blame here?

This government should be caring for these kids.

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