Mars Colonization Plan Announced – Video

This is not a joke or a drill. On Tech Tuesday here at Socialyz we are happy to bring you this latest story.

A Dutch company calling itself Mars One is going full steam ahead with it’s plans to Colonize Mars in only ten years from now!

The private Dutch company Mars One has set an ambitious deadline for the first permanent Mars colony: April 2023. For those who opt to settle on Mars, there will be no turning back. Their residence on the dusty planet would be permanent, although every two years, the established colony would welcome new residents, thereby slowly growing the Mars-based community.

Mars One initially plans to send over four astronauts in a journey that will take a mind-numbing seven months. Come 2033, the program hopes to have over 20 astronauts living on Mars.

Here the thing… how will it be funded? Well they’re not exactly saying it explicitly but expect it to be funded by private enterprise. That means this is one huge Big Brother show, privately finded and consumed over the next 20 years by digital media and billions across the globe.

I love it. Check out the video.

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