South African Citizens Strike Back

The ANC marked their 100 year centenary by throwing an elaborate and expensive celebration in Bloemfontein. The President gave a speech and this speech, unfortunately, stood for everything that is wrong with our country today.

The President’s speech starts out by relaying History,  how it happened , according to HIM.

This is our response to your speech Mr president. The video starts out with Steve Hofmeyer, singer , actor and Bulls supporter, addressing the Predisent of South Africa.

Dear Mr. President, we live in a diverse country, a country with a rich history, a country with its many diverse cultural groups, a country with all its people, a country with emotion . Like you, I want to remember my history too. I want to remember it in song, I want to see to it that it’s told to my children.  Dear Mr President, they say history is written by those who run a country, whether it’s true, I don’t know. I am my history, my history runs through me. My history defines who I am. What would you do if I had conjured up my OWN story and presented it as your history?

What would you do If I were in your position and you in mine? Dear Mr. President, history is not a weapon, nor a weapon to serve political gain. History creates identity. History makes us who we are. History can bring us together but it can also drive us apart.

We are tired of the misinterpretation of our history, of our forefathers being largely represented as evil cowards while YOURS are presented as untarnished heroes. Mr President, you praise Cuba for their role it played in the great “victory” in the battle of Cuito Cuanavale. We were there. There was no victory and no battle. We were there.

So, let’s walk together in a country where we can respect each other. Mr President on 28 February 2012 we are walking to your office, the embassies of Cuba, Russia , Angola, Namibia and the US, to present the real history, to plead for honesty.

We live in a country with a rich history, A country with all it’s people, a country with emotion. Let’s make it one where we can all respect each other, where we can be honest about our history.  Let’s walk togther.


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